Dual-Screen Notebook Expansion Screen Computer Secondary Screen Portable Monitor Screen


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Dual Screen Combination Double Field of View

13.3inch IPS full viewing angle 1920*1080, full hardware case,Anodized anti-skid, anti-scratch process treatment; the power consumption of the whole machine is 12W; the size of the whole machine: 341MM*246MM*31MM

Give you a new visual experienceFull support for notebooks, desktops, and all-in-one machines with Type-c full functions, compatible with Windows 7 and above and MAC systemsIPS screen wide viewing angle

13.3-inch FHD full HD IPS LCD display, as thin as9.0MM, the weight of a complete set of products is only 3.0KG.All-in-one dual screen

After opening the box, you only need to perform simple operations, and you can enjoy a brand-new application experience of multi-screen display after connecting to the TYPE-C interface! Note: Except for some notebook computers operated by customers, the output current of the TYPE-C interface is less than 2A. When using this machine, you should plug in the special power adapter (5V3A) that is equipped with this product.